My name is blue. You’ll find me
in Van Gogh’s starry night
or asleep in snowy shadows.
I wrapped you up once, after a bath,
me and stripes of white 
–  we dried your hair.
In the park you threw me bouncing 
to a friend
but barking black and brown
leapt up and bit me in half!
Your father sails over me 
to Far Away and back. 
As he pulls ropes from my heart
he pictures you and your mam,
so small and waving little squares of white.
Silver and I are neatly folded
round a gift for your birthday. 
I am the ink that spells your dad's name
and L  O  V  E
I am your Dad's eyes
and the jumper sleeve he wipes them with 
when I've swallowed 
the harbour from sight.
I am the Kingfisher's pride,
the boat's wide sail.
I am a coat undone and flapping
as seeing you at the front gate
your dad drops his bag and comes running.