Hi, it’s Kenneth Goldsmith. You got it. Hello? How you doin’? Did you get my message? Oh, OK! No I haven’t checked my email. How how ya lookin’? Great! Let’s do 5:30. That’s great. Wait, let’s see, wait, hold on. Actually, actually, um, 5:30 sounds great. Is five better for you? Ah, call it five. Call it five that’s fine. No no no no no. This is important. You’re important. Let’s do it. Let’s do it at 5:00. Great. You got it. Yeah, you’re gonna bring by some books for me? OK, we’ll just look at some books, uh, and get going. OK, see you then. Thanks Peggy I appreciate it and I appreciate your flexibility. See you then. Bye. Sorry I’m tight I’ll catch you next time. Alright, alright. Test. Hello. How you doing? Can I have, uh, the shrimp with black bean sauce and broccoli? Rice. And also Hunan Chicken on rice. Hot and spicy, please. Thank you. Hello. Hi! How you doin’? Good good busy. Yeah, we’re really busy. How ya doin’? You guys getting ready to go? Gonna have fun? Alright Lo. Look who wants to say hello to you. Thank you for looking after her for a few days. We appreciate it. Hey Bets! Get out of there! We’ll look forward to taking care of your mutts. Did Di go and clip those gates yet? Ah, she better. How you doin’, alright? Ah, not so much. No. It’s fine to me. No Artie Artie’s drunk. I’ll see you in a little bit. Did you just get back? Hmmm? How was your dinner? You do? How do you feel? I just like slept for three hours. Yeah, it was excellent. I gotta go to the station. You wanna walk out with me? Take her around the block for the night, hmmm? What do you say? Canal St? Eh, little girl? Gut. Wow! The girl from Cyberspace. She’s everywhere. You are? Oh. O-A-T-I-O-N. I just gotta... Oh god, it was so good to sleep. What a fucking wasted day this was. Do I need my scarf? OK go on! Go Bets! OK go on! Go get ‘em! OK.