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smoking in Sean’s fancy motor
on the way to bury you,
I remind him
you were the worst header
of a ball in the entire universe
always jumping up
your hands by your side
your eyes closed and hopeful

in The Whitecliff
so many times
your litany
of the original line-up
of The Eagles first game ever
73 on the allweather pitch
at the back of St Nicholas
& when you mentioned Haitchy
you always paused
no matter how pissed
& said ‘God rest his soul’

remember that game Facey
up in Buckna in the mud
14 nil down & I scored
& did a lap of honour
round the whole pitch
‘aye & some auld doll
was trying to trip you up
with her umbrella’
you often added
& proclaimed I was
in your all-time Eagles
starting line-up