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only if there are objects
can there be a constant form of the world

                        (the most beautiful
                        is the object that does not exist)

the constant
the extant and the object are one

                        (mark the point
                        where the object stood
                        and no longer is

                        It will be
                        genuine mourning
                        for the beautiful absence)

the object is the mutable
    the constellation is the immutable

                        (now you have empty space
                        more beautiful
than the object
more beautiful
than the forsaken place

a white paradise
of all possibilities)

the constellation of objects
    generates the realm of things
                        (vertical lightning
                        furrows the barren horizon)
in the realm of things
    the objects stand
facing each other
    in a certain way
the way is the structure
    of the realm of things

                            (the form is
                            the potentiality of the structure)

the structure of the event
    consists of the structures
of the realms of things

                            (the entity of the realms
                            is the world)

the image is the event

                            (it is the uncreated world
                            that jostles at
                            the gates of your canvas)

abide by the intimations
    of your inward eye

that which the image represents is its essence
    its truth lies in the concurrence
of its essence with reality

                        (draw away from the contemplation
                        of the inward eye
                        the poem –
                        the object)

place in the empty space            (seek the reasons       
    a square thought            for which you name
add to the concept of imagination        something beautiful
the concept of order            and the peculiar grammar
                        of the word beautiful
                        will unconceal itself to you

this object surrounds you
    inscribes you
contains you
    describe it                now)