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When I see you I feel like this
a frozen clump of memory starts its liquid flow
fuzzy puffs of clouds in the sky
loosen to trail apart
before the flower blooms the bud
begins its downward fall
the spell-broken eyes of the lake
blink and stare
In the relic-mind, tremors.
When I see you I feel like this
from an old cemetery, a corpse draws itself up.
A sudden change of direction – 
the soul begins its soulless search
dead body/ dead mind/ dead soul
unfulfilled desire, unfulfilled aspiration
slowly this ghost plots my screams.
When I see you I feel like this
a heat flash, an anxious moment,
the urge to repent.
Enervation and frustration
rise up and reach to the eyes
from hills, mud tumbles.
Crevices in the earth widen.
When I see you this is how I feel
the history of a life
broken off, begins its recounting
nights passed in crying in memory pervade
waiting tired eyes
express – I wish I had not seen you
I wish I had never seen you