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I, today this moment
having freed myself from the busy day
centered in myself
I am thinking of myself
I think of
being burdened
by the vacuity of empty sacks of rice
I think of
emptied kerosene tins
and exhausted canisters of sugar
I now this moment
I think of
your eyes glaring in the afternoon
your mind
turned in another direction.
Now I
all day with palms bowed in greeting,
I think of competing
in the marathon of serving and flattery.
Again this very moment
I think of my child’s school fees
notebook, pen, book and tuition.
At this very moment
I also listen to my mother
crying for her ailments.
This moment
I also think of my daughter
no longer a young woman, unmarried
I think of many things.
In one moment,
I think of a multiplicity of things
Sometimes I think of country,
sometimes of declining values and morals
I think of polluted society, undermined
I think only complexity, chaos, problems.
I, in this one moment
thinking of these things,
I think myself a migraine.
Hunger, disease, love, money, affection, country
always thinking.
Now, to close down my brain, heart, eyes
intelligence, feelings, sympathy and stomach
I beg this country for a lock,
I am begging for a lock
without a key.