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牡丹簇拥 细细的蕊上站着亭台
她的腮过渡给他 梦半红半白
人耶鬼耶 不可能的美袅袅于世外
袅袅近了 扑鼻的粉香托起肉香
莲步 云靴 趟得涟漪满池漾开
他唱 而她为每个拖长的尾音签名
人生如戏 可并非人人都演得精彩
东安市场 吉祥剧院 金鱼胡同
都追着妃子 云想衣裳花想容
她和他 美目流盼填充虚无的剧情
水袖甩着千年 谁在乎干透的名字
酒杯看不见地斟满 看不见地一饮而空
旋舞 真剪下的花颈迎着假的年龄
世界埋伏进空气 随一声鹤唳
而显现 朝代啊 殷红惨白都是喜
永远同一个故事 永远这对男女
踩着现在的刃 悬崖下大海远去
她和他俯瞰我们 非风韵到极点不可
炉火纯青啊 贯穿耳畔的沉寂
peonies cluster round     on their fine stamens stand pergola and patio
her cheek transits over to him     a dream half-white half-red
his sweet tenderness becomes her springtime soprano
is’t man? is’t ghost?     an impossible beauty dallies with the world beyond
dalliance approaching     the perfume of powder shores up the aroma of flesh
hip-swinging     high buskins     wade the riffling pool till it overflows
he sings     and she autographs each drawn-out end-rhyme
life is like theatre     but not  everyone puts on a brilliant show
                                                                                    – says Father
Dongan Market     Fortuna Theatre     Goldfish Lane
all chasing the king’s concubine     clouds want clothes flowers want faces
history is wanting the broken-down relics that follow after the greasepaint is gone
he and she     amorous looks and sweet ogling fill in the blank storyline
white silk sleeves have been rippling for a millennium     who cares about dried-up names?
the shot glass is filled up all unseen     is knocked back all unseen
a snapped neck hangs by a strap in a darkened private party
pirouetting     a true cut flower encounters this false coming of age
                                                                                    – says Father
a world hidden in air     materializes
with the crane’s cries     oh dynasties     both crimson and white are bliss in deed
an aria forced from deep in the throat     forces out Deep Time’s metamorphoses
always the same story     always this girl and this boy
treading the margin of the stage as if it were the margin of time
treading the blade of now     the oceans below the cliff recede
she and he watch us from a great height     only elegance’s extremes allowed
oh how golden shines art’s alembic     it fills every silence in the ear
                                                                                    – says Father