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She who is going to add 1 to 20
She is going to add 1 to 20.
She gently floors the brake pedal to each of her right steps that head for him.
At each bend, you have to shift the gear.
Honk the horn.
Check the cars to the rear. You always have to check the rear.
Return phone calls bump into each other on the way & collapse.
You-said-here-but-you-are-there-&-vice-versa Airlines
departs for him punctually.
Inbound passengers, outbound passengers, all are passengers.
Minskirts, or minishorts, but never reveal your butts.
Not all minis are pole dancer Honey’s. Don’t you stereotype.
There is always a verse in my mini.
Just so whatever I write inks you. Whatever inks you I write.
Minimize the noise until it is reduced to the sound of breath.
To you all, that’s it. She is defiant in her quietism.
Inasmuch as they tend to retreat from you en masse,
karmas tend to charge at you en masse.
Electronic circuits can burn if you touch them without expertise.
Just like the potty in the room corner,
I get up to write.  
Who will be bothered with switching on & off of the lamp?
This has always been a single room since I moved in.
Why?  It’s just a pause to swallow my saliva. Someone in the crowd yells
‘How long will you go on about that room?’ Forget it if that round of applause is
in the program. She’s been gone for a while.
She hasn’t come to her last line.