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The fluctuating graph
of my dream
deformed and curved
Wandering in Germany, England,
Belgium and Holland,
Have I become stateless?
I miss this, I miss that,
at each of life's junctures 
one thing today, one thing tomorrow
my mind dyed 
a dull colour,
forests on fire,
my winter dreams
My own country without peace 
I take refuge in other nations 
How can I feel secure?
The path I believe 
still vague, 
the door not yet ajar. 
In my village, country
I would spread a mat
compose poems and read, 
hum songs, 
sip tea, 
pick at tea leaf salad, 
my hope  
a life where I can do as I want. 
When will my wish be fulfilled? 
I search but I cannot see. 

Marching a long way 
towards China 
a revolution launched  
sacrificed lives,  
today is Victory Day 
I shall also march 
grabbing my pen to victory. 
For the democracy movement
to meet victory 
I'll pray at Shwedagon 
renewing strength. 
I yearn, of course I yearn,
but I don't.  
I must support 
my fellow millions
to hoist the victory flag. 

We are repressed
our chests crushed
a life without liberty, 
the common saying 
"death would be better" 
echoes in my ear. 
For liberation 
from imprisonment and control
I will sacrifice my wishes 
for the cause of freedom,
the people, distressed, 
the lords of war all powerful
as in the past, they rule by sword  
and must be changed,
for the cause of the fighting peacocks
with strength 
with a clap 
along with others 
we give the weak a hand.  
Hoist the peacock flag! 
Flowers of victory shall be worn.

Editor's Note: Shwedagon is Myanmar's most famous pagoda, in Yangon. The fighting peacock is a symbol of Myanmar's democracy movement, featured on the National League of Democracy flag.