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Early December sees parts of South Africa
homing, relocating northwards to Zimbabwe
going further inland into Zambia and beyond.
Like swallows, they change location across
rivers for the mere reason of season.
Past Beitbridge Border Post, the injiva
who had ‘fallen’ into the Limpopo River
on their way over, return via the legal route.
Mat South’s heat is on the fleet of cars
trailing luggage for festivities
their own sizes doubled. They are dung-
beetles taking home finds. Omalaitsha tumble
down the Danger; carrier becoming the carried.
In the haste, many are now late, dead on time
in the tide of Gauteng Province rising.

Poet's Note: 
injiva (Ndebele) – Migrant workers
omalaitsha (Ndebele) – People in the delivery business between Zimbabwe and her neighbours