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A cat runs along a roadside
Buses and other vehicles are rushing by
The cat intends
to cross to the other side
it seems to her
that it’s better over there
The cat looks to the right, looks to the left
Both right and left
the cars are still far away and harmless
but the cat hesitates
the highway is wide and dangerous
Yet at the last moment
as the cars from both directions
nearly meet in the middle
the cat makes up her mind
over there, on the other side
it’s much better and nicer
The cat crosses the road
and a car runs her over
not out of cruelty, not on purpose
but such are the laws of a highway
The life-system of a cat is uncommonly durable
The cat is still alive even though she won’t live
Having lost her former cat-like aspect
she crawls among the shrubs
where she tries to recover
the shattered process of life
The injuries, however, are too extensive
there are too many fragments and tears
too many crushed tissues both soft and hard
too large is the amount
of the fluid substances spilt
Having reviewed the damage quickly
and estimated the situation as hopeless
the cat for quite a while however
goes on sealing the tears
knitting the fractures
brazing the vessels
closing the wounds
in an effort to restore the corrupted forms
But she won’t have time
The process of disintegration
is ahead of the process of restitution
One after another, the half-alive systems
obeying the command of the half-dead center
disconnect and fall
The cat gives up and dies
Yes she dies
although on the other side of the road

Editor's Note: Julia Wiener translates her poetry from Russian into Hebrew and English