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Dolls ’tached. Sindy, Jana drowned. Six and seven.
Cat flat dead on a Massey. Burials. July’s hot smother.
A pony trucked away. Playing didgeridoo through wavin.
Eight and nine, Two Tribes, war. A friend’s older brothers,
always plotting their murders. Hazel woods. The lake.
Nettles dock-leaved. Calamine. Electric fence susurrus.
Seven Seas gloop on a spoon. Gypsum. Buck rake.
Ten. Statues crying blood. Liking the word brucellosis.
Jeyes’ Fluid puke-thud on tiles. Talk about the feeks.
Eleven. Rhombus desk. Feet in the stove. Poodle socks.
MT-USA. Walking like an Egyptian. Padre Pio’s mitten.
Supergran, Falcon Crest. Twelve. Ganders’ wicked beaks.
Horse jumps. Chopped fingers sent from the Border Fox.
The telltale heart. The half-blind dog. Being bitten.