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Nature is as fierce as a nail
but as delicate as a finger
Nature is as exquisite as downy hair
but as brawny as an arm
Our physical being is
a mirror reflecting Nature
If one can love oneself
one cannot possibly hate Nature
Nature is filled with heavenly thrones
Stars have their own heavenly thrones
Flowers have their own heavenly thrones
Trees are seated in peace
on heavenly thrones of their own
There is no room here for
The landscape called Nature
has no frame
We are painted there too
so we do not see
the frame called God
On each and every leaf
God carved such elaborate veins
God does not mind doing work, no matter how laborious
as long as it is for those He loves
As long as the trees keep prospering
no one can erase
His perfectly carved seals of love
This paper was a tree once
This bookshelf too was once a tree
This piano was once a tree too
We couldn’t possibly die
in the manner they do
Nature is our mirror
So once in a while
it reflects our fearsome figures
Just as a mirror is neither good nor evil
Nature is neither good nor evil
A single tree
far surpasses good and evil,
leaving no room for
our morals to butt in
However strong the castle wall
there’s nothing it can do
when facing Time the conqueror
Its ruins will soon return to earth
Nature will silently march in triumph
yet we never hold a grudge against
Nature’s graceful conquest
Death always accompanies Life
as shade always accompanies its tree
However sharp the sword is
it cannot sever the shade from its tree
Death is one of the beads strung into a circle
If you follow those beads one after another
you will come back to Life again
passing through a dark corridor
we return to the shining God
Our life
and E. coli’s
share the same source
We are all
branches of the great river called God
Forking out does not mean
something has changed
No matter how swift or slow it flows
it is God’s water
Nature loves God
so God never ceases to love Nature
Nature is a transient manifestation of God
God is the eternal phase of Nature
The Cosmos is God’s sublime whim
All in this world is ephemeral
All in this world is glorious