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                                                They came to eat the moon again
                                                The women ate the moon and their bellies grew each month
                                                They squeezed breast-milk into the moon,
                                                Added the refreshing scent of mint to the roasted moon

I caught a glimpse of her kitchen once
The secretive chirp of the cooks dressed in white
The swirling storm severing the necks of wild ducks
on hundreds of wooden chopping boards
It was a sublime kitchen

                                                A guest with a child entered
                                                Mommy, mommy, can I have a glass of tangy star?
                                                She brought out a drink made of powdered rain cloud
                                                and floated an icy star in it

I caught a glimpse of her kitchen once
The rain cloud of flour mushroomed
and all kinds of dead animals’ blood flowed down the drain
the cries of countless spoons, chopsticks, fingers, toes
got sucked into the dishpan
It was a sublime kitchen

                         It’s time to prepare a midnight meal
                         She cracked the moon over the frying pan
                         a hole as deep as a fingernail appeared on the moon
                         then a flock of birds crawled out from the hole
                         with their wings that can be fried
                         The flock of birds spread their black wings
                         across the sky as the night deepened
                         She roasted the wings all night

Slobbered, chewed, licked, burped, chewed and chewed, sucked, tasted, drank,
got fed nonstop, swallowed and shouted Cheers! Eat more! Hey, Over here! One
more bottle! Smacked lips, belched, gagged

Like the lips that never once closed
the buildings on both sides of the street at night
the sound of them being fed the night sky through their huge openings
Everything was sublime