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The lawn was a frost-tight green waiting
For sunlight to land on its surface and turn
the temporary veil of white to sparking dew.

After breakfast, the heavy drone of the Land Rover’s
Engine warming up in the garage as children
Milled in and out of the farmhouse, still dressing –
Throwing satchels loaded with school books
Into the open back of the pick-up – where thick
Blankets lay for the hour-long journey.

And we waited for the one who was always last;
The car hooting, the front door of the house wide open –
Keys dangling from the lock as he darted back again
To retrieve something else he had forgotten.

As we waited, we jumped out of the pickup,
Ran over the gravel driveway onto the lawn –
All yells and shouts, arms held out,
The worn soles of our school shoes taking us along.