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Bas Kwakman and Lies Van Gasse's book on Mongolia

Een stem van paardenhaar, Bas Kwakman, Lies van Gasse, Mongolia, travel
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Poetry International is pleased to congratulate our director, Bas Kwakman, and current featured poet from Belgium, Lies Van Gasse, on the publication of their collaborative poetry/essay/art book, Een stem van paardenhaar (A Voice of Horsehair), by Azul Press.

In September, 2012, Bas Kwakman and Lies Van Gasse traveled through Mongolia with a group of international poets, and Een stem van paardenhaar is their account of this journey. They participated in the Altaan Guruus International Poetry Festival, which took place not only in Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar, but in small towns, villages, hamlets and even isolated tents in the Gobi Desert. Both Kwakman and Van Gasse, in addition to their work in poetry, are visual artists, and this collaborative travelogue was an opportunity to process the many, overwhelming impressions from the trip through both writing and drawing. According to Azul Press, Een stem van paardenhaar “provides a unique and personal image of a journey through a land of enchanting beauty.” And Levity Peters writes in a review for Belgian magazine Meander, “If you love to travel, and you love to read, and you love poetry and visual art, this is your book.”

For more information on Een stem van paardenhaar, see the book's webpage from Azul Press.

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